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Download the Scion xA Owner’s Manual

Download the Scion xA online owner’s manual below in PDF format. The Scion xA was a diminuitive hatchback that made its introduction in 2004, next to the slightly larger and boxier Scion xB. The xA was Scion’s least expensive car. In 2007, it was replaced by the Scion xD, a restyled version of the same car. Below we [...]


Download the Scion xD Owner’s Manual

Download the Scion xD online owner’s manual below in PDF format.  The Scion xD came out a few years after Scion began selling vehicles in the US (2008). The xD in many ways is a replacement for the Scion xA. Its styling is like a cross between the sporty tC and the boxy xD. We have the owner’s [...]


Download the Scion tC Owner’s Manual

Download the Scion tC online owner’s manual below in PDF format.  The Scion tC is a compact coupe introduced by Scion, a division of Toyota, in 2004, alongside the boxy Scion xB. Unlike the xB, which is geared toward economy, the tC is meant to be attractive, with its market share primarily compiled of youthful buyers. The tC’s [...]


Download the Scion xB Owner’s Manual

Download the Scion xB online owner’s manual below in PDF format.  The Scion XB made its debut in 2004. It was Scion’s first vehicle and garnered much attention for its tall and boxy appearance. The xB owner’s manual supplement — known as the quick reference guide — contains most of the basic information found in the owner’s manual, [...]