Download the Toyota Land Cruiser Owner’s Manual



There was an issue preventing Ford, Lincoln and Mercury manuals from downloading correctly. This issue has been fixed. All Ford, Lincoln and Mercury manuals now work.

Download the Toyota Land Cruiser online owner’s manual below in PDF format. The Land Cruiser is a premium vehicle sold by Toyota. It’s known for its luxurious and world class features, as well as its supreme off-road ability. The Land Cruiser’s MSRP new is in the $60,000 range for a base model, making it Toyota’s most expensive vehicle. The owner’s manual covers the vehicle basics, such as maintenance and operating instructions.

Click on the link associated with the year model you’re looking for, and then simply click on the download button — the manual will automatically download to your computer. You’ll need a PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat or Foxit to view and print the document. You can also use the Google Docs viewer to read the Land Cruiser manual.

Download the 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Owner’s Manual
Download the 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser Owner’s Manual
Download the 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser Owner’s Manual
Download the 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser Owner’s Manual
Download the 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser Owner’s Manual
Download the 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser Owner’s Manual
Download the 2002 Toyota Land Cruiser Owner’s Manual
Download the 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser Owner’s Manual
Download the 2004 Toyota Land Cruiser Owner’s Manual
Download the 2005 Toyota Land Cruiser Owner’s Manual
Download the 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser Owner’s Manual
Download the 2007 Toyota Land Cruiser Owner’s Manual
Download the 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser Owner’s Manual
Download the 2009  Toyota Land Cruiser Owner’s Manual
Download the 2010 Toyota Land Cruiser Owner’s Manual
Download the 2011  Toyota Land Cruiser Owner’s Manual


  1. Ali mohammadi says:

    Would you please send me owner manual for toyota prado 2012 5door t.x.l model

  2. I am looking for the 1970 landcruiser owners manual could you help?

  3. Tate says:

    I am looking for the 1998 Toyota Prado TX (right hand drive diesel) manual. Could you help? Thank you

    • The Manual Guy says:

      Not exactly what you’re looking for, here is the 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser Manual. There may be some similarities that could help you.

      Here is some history and specs which may lead you to another source for the manual.

      And finally, here is the repair manual, available on Amazon.

      I’m sorry I could not find the owner’s manual for you, but hopefully these leads will help you out.

  4. shahbaz khan says:

    can you send me manual for navigation unit on japanese model land cruiser zx 2009

  5. Kris V says:

    Could any one help me in getting Owner / Maintenance Manual for TAYOTA Land Cruiser Prado VX-2004.

  6. Rajesh says:

    Could you please help me to get the owners manual & multimedia manual for Prado 2014

    • The Manual Guy says:

      Here’s a link to all of the manuals for the 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser. I hope this helps.

      • The Manual Guy says:

        I just re-tested that link and it fails to bring up the manuals. When you do go to that link, you are taken to the Toyota website. Just click on Down Arrow in the upper right next to 2014 Land. This will open up an area on the upper right-hand side where you can select the Land Cruiser and the year. This will then display links to all of the manuals.

  7. Kashif says:

    Bro, i need user manual of Toyota Land cruiser ZX RHD, 4.6 lit Petrol 2012 with radar. I have searched the website but its not available.

    • The Manual Guy says:

      Yeah, I’m having a hard time finding it myself. I found the car being sold here. Maybe you could ask them if they would part with the manual. You can also give eBay a try.

  8. Chanaka says:

    Hi first thanks for running such a site it really helps out alot f people. Im looking for 2007 toyota prado owners manual i wud be greatly appreciated if you guys can help me out thanks

  9. Vanita Fernandes says:

    Hey, thank you for this website and for following through with all requests. This is really appreciated.

    I was looking for a 2013 Toyota Land crusier EXR model.

    Is it possible to source it for me.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • The Manual Guy says:

      That’s nice of you to say. I’m happy to help. I’m afraid I can’t find a manual specific to the EXR but perhaps this manual will have the information you need.

      If it doesn’t take you directly to the manual, you can drill down to it by selecting the appropriate options (model, year).

      I hope this helps!

  10. pena says:

    why iI ca’t download the toyota land cruiser manual

    • The Manual Guy says:

      Here is a link to the full manual on the manufacturer’s website. You may have to select the year and model from the dropdown selection on the upper right.

  11. Willard says:

    Hi there cansomeome please send me an owners manual for a Landcruiser, 1991 model, Automatic, i will appriciate


  12. Kimani Gathuku says:

    Kindly furnish me with the owners manual for Toyota Land Cruiser ZX 2010 MODEL

    • The Manual Guy says:

      You can download the complete manual from this page of our website. I have corrected the download link there. Just click the orange download link on that page and the complete manual will download.

  13. Abdul Mannan says:


    I am looking for the manual of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado manual 2010 TX 4.0 Liter engigne manual. Could you help with that.

    from 2009 till 2013 it remained the same so if the year is different it does not matter.

    • The Manual Guy says:

      Toyota is no longer offering their manuals without signing up on their website. You can do that here. I also have the 32 page quick reference guide here.

  14. Pambos says:

    Hi!! Can you please send me the full Toyota Prado tz 1996 manual? I can not find a complete manual anywere

    • The Manual Guy says:

      Well, I have some good news and some bad news. I cannot find that manual for download anywhere. But, I have found three places where you can view it online:

      Link 1

      Link 2

      I hope this helps!

  15. Mohammed Ali says:

    Hi,Can you please send me Toyota Prado TX 2015 model complete manual in english along with how to operate the car radio.


    • The Manual Guy says:

      It’s harder to find the manuals for non-North American cars. I’ve checked all of my resources but could not find one. You can always try eBay as manuals appear there quite often.

  16. Mohammed Ali says:

    I have imported a Toyota Prado TX 2015 from Japan, to be used in Kenya, for which I am looking for a complete manual in English. How can i be helped


    • The Manual Guy says:

      As I mentioned, I’m I am not able to find this manual for you. Many people have had success finding manuals on eBay for a reasonable price. I suggest you give that a try.

  17. Ali Riza Peksen says:

    Hi The Manual Guy,
    I have just purchased 1987 model Toyota Land Cruiser BJ60. It has 6 cylinders dizel powered engine.And I am looking for its owners manual. Where can I find it? Can you help me?

    • The Manual Guy says:

      Hi – I’ve checked all of my sources and I’m afraid I cannot find that for you. You may want to try eBay as these manuals do come up there from time to time.

  18. Asis says:

    I am looking for a manual for toyota land cruiser prado tz-g model, 2010

  19. josephine rodriguez says:

    I need the pdf file for the Toyota Prado land cruiser 2013 model (right hand drive).
    Can you send me a downloadable version?
    Thank you

  20. Saadat bibire says:

    Good afternoon please I’ll need the full users manual of Toyota prado tx.l. 2016. Tnx

  21. Prem says:

    Looking for a owners manual for Toyota LC 70 , any HzJ76 , HzJ78 or Hzj79

  22. Lisa says:

    Hiya looking for owners manual for toyota landcruiser 80 series 1994 , its the gxl with DOHC, don’t know if there different ones for different fuels/transmissions but if there is need manual trans, dual fuel (or just petrol), a couple of yrs either side is fine as long as is for DOHC model. thanks heaps, in advance!

    • The Manual Guy says:

      I’ve checked all of my sources and cannot find that manual for you. I do some repair manuals on Amazon and eBay, though. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  23. Majdi Alharbi says:

    I have land cruiser prado GX vehical I need maintenance manual can you provide me please.

  24. Majdi Alharbi says:

    Model 1999

  25. qazi says:

    i am looking for owners manual for Prado TZ 2001,3400 cc,v6,petrol.
    Could anyone give me the source or help find it.

  26. yem george djam says:

    I am looking for prado txl manual de

  27. yem george djam says:

    Can someone helps me

  28. zain says:

    please provide land cruiser 2016 ZX right hand drive manaul

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